Hi All,


First I want to send a HUGE  "THANK YOU" to all of our wonderful volunteers and fosters for all of your incredible work! WHAT AN AMAZING GROUP WE HAVE! We are grateful to each and every one of you for your dedication to DRC and to the dogs in our program. We don't know what we would do without you!


Second I would like to apologize in advance for having to address expense reimbursement protocol but feel it is important in the wake of our recent tragedy involving the theft of our former website and now the review and state of DRC paperwork that "person" finally returned to us.


As per our foster agreement, I am asking you all to please do your best to submit any and all dog-related expenses within 30 days of that dogs adoption.


Our foster agreement states that expenses not submitted and/or received within that time will be considered a donation by DRC.




Should Foster incur any expenses toward the care of the dog(s) in their care which require reimbursement, Foster agrees to submit any and all receipts directly to  775 Rifle Camp Road Woodland Park, NJ 07424 within 30 days of the expense.


Foster's Initials ____________

If receipts are not provided within 30 days of service, expenses will be considered a donation to DRC.

Foster's Initials ____________


We have recently been receiving expenses for dogs that were adopted months ago and in some cases even last year. It is making it difficult for us to have a clear idea as to what funds we have available to care for and vet new dogs coming into the program and is compromising our ability to budget accordingly. It is a HUGE issue.


The current expenses received within the last 30 days for dogs adopted months ago exceeds $3000...At any given time we average a little above that amount in our account.


Again, I ask you to please review your volunteer agreement and please feel free to contact me, Liz Syring or Krista Sumlin if you need any clarification.


It goes without saying that we will reimburse and honor those requests for reimbursements that we have recently received but from now on we will be unable to reimburse ANY expenses NOT submitted within that 30 day time period and will not reimburse any monies without a completed expense report and receipts.


This policy is in place to protect our dogs and our non-profit status.


Again I apologize and we hope you understand why we are being forced to address this immediately.


Thank you all again for everything.






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