Maltese Rescue California separated from the American Maltese Association Rescue because of some very basic differences in rescue philosophy, including our desire to help Maltese Mix dogs and to pull these dogs from shelters. The American Maltese Association Rescue wanted to rescue only purebred Maltese and did not want to pull dogs from shelters. We consider this our mission and separated from the breed club rescue in a non-friendly divorce. We will concentrate on working with Maltese and Maltese mix dogs in Southern California.

We applied for a 501(c)(3) status as soon as we made the break but, due to the Federal Government slowdown, our status has just been approved.  However, it is backdated to the August 2013.

We are no longer the red-headed step-children of dog rescue.  We can become a partner with the Petco Foundation and we can officially become shelter partners of the various shelters.  We no longer have to depend on the good graces of other rescue groups to help us pull dogs from shelters.

Since we became independent in October, we have rescued close to 70-Maltese and Maltese mix dogs and puppies here in Southern California.  We have found great furever homes for over fifty of them. Our small group is staffed with hard working, friendly and non-back biting volunteers.

Judy and I will, of course, pitch in and foster any small dog friendly doodles that come our way!

If anyone knows someone located in the Southern California area who is looking for a small non shedding dog, please direct them to our website

Our Facebook page is

I am the secretary, photographer and chief cook and bottle washer for Maltese Rescue California and our goldendoodle, Holly, is the Therapy Dog in Chief for Rescued Maltese...

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Wishing you much success in 2014, and thank you for all you do for the animals. 

Congratulations, Richard and Judy.  You have worked so hard for this and many dogs thank you.

Congratulations! How exciting!!! :)


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