We apologize to any of our members who received an email from this person. We do try very hard to screen new members before approving them, but much as we try, sometimes somebody slips through.

The offending party has been blocked from the our website. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. 

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I got an email but I just checked here first then blocked her

She's gone, blocked from the entire site. 

She's apparently been doing this on internet groups all over the web for a year. I googled her name and thousands of discussion groups and forums came up, all with the same scam. :(

Too bad some people have nothing better to do with their time. If they put all that energy into making an honest living, imagine what they could accomplish. 

I would like to add my apologies to anyone who received this spam. 

If you Google her name, you'll see that she's doing this all over the internet in thousands of groups and forums, and has been for a year. After I blocked her, I checked DK and she was there too. I alerted the admin and she's been blocked there as well. 

I thought it was strange so I deleted all my info on here. I was actually worried that she might be telling me that the dog we adopted might be hers. I had a suspicion it was spam. I just don't understand people.

No, it was one of those, "I need your help to get my 4.5 million dollars from the bank, and if you help me I'll share it with you" scams from Africa. 

Most of the info you post on your page is private anyway, and you can adjust your settings to make all of it private.  

Thanks for notifying people and being vigilant about spammers


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