You often hear people debating what it is that causes people to have an allergic reaction to dogs. Some people talk about shedding and dander, others talk about saliva. The fact is, it's a particular protein called Can f 1 (KNF-1 in this video) that provokes the allergic reaction, and that protein is contained in both the dander (dead skin cells) and the saliva of all dogs. 

In this video, a noted allergy doctor explains why getting a puppy, any breed puppy, is a risky thing to do if you have dog allergies. And there's a cute Goldendoodle puppy in the video, too.

Of course, we know that it is impossible to tell whether a puppy is going to affect a person's allergies or not, due to the fact that puppies go through several coat changes before they reach maturity. (See The Allergy Myth from the Labradoodle Trust for info on this) So let's hope that the man in this video continues to have no allergic reaction to this puppy as he grows up. 

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Thanks for posting this.  Allergic reactions are explained quite well and it makes one realize that the level of KNF-1 in a specific dog is what causes an allergic person to react -- or not -- to specific dogs rather than specific breeds.

This family worked so hard to find a dog the man won't react to that I really hope his non-reaction lasts forever.

Yes, I thought it was a good explanation, too. I think it's possible that certain breeds may have lower levels of KNF-1 than other breeds, thus making them more allergy friendly as a breed in general, but especially with the mixes, it does seem to show that how much any individual dog affects a person's allergies will vary with the dog, even among the same breed. And I'm sure the severity of the person's allergies plays a role, too. The strength of the histamine response to an allergen is measurable, through allergy testing, and rated on a scale of 1 to 4 . 

This also explains why some new members say they are allergic but their allergy wasn't triggered by XXX dog (and it might be a heavily shedding dog that one would assume would cause a huge reaction).

Excellent information Karen. Thank you for posting!


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