Southern CA has urgent need for two new fosters right now - please fill out an application if you might be interested. You can comment here or send me a private message and I will get back to you.

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Cross posting this in doodlekisses if you haven't already done so.

We have an application on file. We can foster a larger Doodle.

al and irene

Al - I can't find any of of application for you for adopting or fostering.

How many Doodles do you usually rescue each month in SoCal?

Wow - that is a difficult question, it totally varies and is subject to foster availability as well as my ability to coordinate. Generally when we get dogs in we have them for at least a month before they get adopted out, we keep them for about 2 weeks before posting and then I would say it takes another 2-6 weeks to find the right adopter. I think we've had about 15 so far this year in CA. Sometimes we only have 1 or 2 at one time, other times we have 4 or 5.

13 so far this year, which puts you way ahead of last year; there were 17 total in CA for 2013. 

Hi Michele - My husband and I can foster 1 Doodle. We have two applications on file from June. Please let me know. Thanks.


Zoe - that is awesome! Let's talk tomorrow. I will call you in the morning - what's a good time.

I just heard of a 1 year old standard male goldendoodle in urgent need of rescue from an Orange County shelter in Orange.  He will be put down on 7/17/14 if not rescued.  They said that the rescue group must be an approved partner.  Does anyone know if DRC is a partner?  Sounds crazy that they would rather kill this gorgeous creature than release him to a rescue group not on their list. I hope DRC is on the list!!

 Orange County Animal Care 561 The City Drive South
Orange, CA. 92868

714-935-6848 OR 949-249-5160 
714-935-6373 Fax

Hi- is he up for adoption to the public or only available for rescues? Why is he going to be put down on 7/17?? Is there any other information?

I have not called the shelter.  I heard about this late last night via a network of friends who were reaching out to try to help save his life.  This is exactly what was on the post that I saw:


this needs to be in Ripleys believe it or not. A 1yr old male golden-doodle is rescue only at Orange County animal shelter, CA for behavior issues and is behind the double gates. HE NEEDS RESCUE NOW. ONLY 1YR OLD! ID# A1334027 

Per the shelter "He is available to rescue now. He was behaving in an unsocial manner when he arrived at the shelter and has not allowed us to examine him or handle him." THIS IS A VERY HIGH KILL SHELTER, NEEDS RESCUE ASAP.

He has until 7/17 (2 days) for rescue or he will be killed. 

Pet ID: A1334027 
Sex: M
Age: 1 Year
Color: GOLD - WHITE 
Kennel: 131
Orange County Animal Care
561 The City Drive South
Orange, CA. 92868

714-935-6848 OR 949-249-5160 
714-935-6373 Fax
Somebody in Nevada on the string of posts said that they had been approved by their rescue group to rescue them, and another Orange county person said that it needed to be by a locally approved partnered rescue group, so it leads me to believe that it has to be a local rescue rather than an adoption.  That sounds crazy to me that they would choose to put down such a beautiful dog that people want rather than release them to a rescue group.  Is that possible?  I don't know how "unsocial" his behavior is. Somebody commented that they are labeled as unsocial there even if they just back away or cower from the shelter employees, so it could be as simple as him being afraid.  I don't know.  
I hope that you know somebody affiliated and approved who can help him.  I have two dogs already and a small house, otherwise I'd be raising my hand high to take him right now. (One of my dogs is a rescue that was believed to be a goldendoodle and my other dog is a Double Doodle from a breeder in Montana)

He is rescue only. That means that he will not be released to anyone other than a representative of a registered rescue group with whom the shelter has had dealings in the past. 

He supposedly bit the vet who tried to examine him, and won't allow the shelter workers to examine or handle him. Under those circumstances, the shelter cannot adopt him out.  

When different parties call the shelter asking about the dog, that only puts the dog in even more danger, as it confuses shelter workers as to his status and a legitimate rescue may be given incorrect information which can lead to the dog falling thru the cracks, as one rescue thinks another one is pulling him, etc. This is one reason we typically handle these things privately rather than posting them in public forums like FB where a lot of people don;t understand rescue procedures and rush to try to adopt the cute dog. 

The information has been given to the directors who may be able to help. That's all anyone who is not a rescue with an available foster home can do for him right now. 


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