Due to some major differences in rescue philosophy (boy, that's a euphemism), Judy and I have separated from the American Maltese Association Rescue.  We have banded together with other rescuers in Southern California to form MALTESE RESCUE CALIFORNIA. We expect to be able to better serve the needs of homeless Maltese and Maltese Mix dogs and potential adopters in Southern California and parts of Arizona and Nevada.  We have applied for our 501(c)3 status as a nonprofit tax exempt entity and expect to have the application to be approved but, expect that approval may be slowed due to the government shutdown.

We have a website that is open for business but, is still under construction.  Our webmaster tells us that the more people who access our website, the higher it will rise in the Google search parameters.  Having our website first will mean that many more people will access our site and we will be able to help many more Maltese.

If you could please add www.malteserescuecalifornia.org to your favorites and just click on it once a day or so, it will really help us help our Maltese and Maltese Mix Dogs...

Any suggestions as to the website would also be appreciated...

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I think the website looks great, Richard. Attractive and simple to navigate. I love that your application asks for the name of the applicant's groomer, too!

Good luck with this worthwhile endeavor. 

The website looks wonderful.  Your photos really showcase your pups. Best of luck!

The new website looks great Richard! So sorry about the split but SO EXCITED that you and Judy are on your own! The very best of luck to you and Maltese Rescue!


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