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I had PetsBest insurance for my dog, Woof, while he was alive, and I was pretty pleased with them. Do any of you have experiences with per insurance?

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Hi- I had VPI and it had a lot of deductables etc. and very confusing as to what was covered and what was not-We have switched to EMBRACE now and are very pleased. The wellness portion reimburses up to $200.00 per pet and you choose when to send it in and what you want to be re-imbursed for. It also has coverage for congenital disease(I think the only company who does offer this) and will waive as 6 month pre-existing waiting period if your vet finds your dog without any symtoms at wellness check. I found this very attractive with my doodle. It also gives you the ability to have coverage in succeeding years for any illness that may be covered in the first year up to $2,500. Knowing how high illness or injury bills can get, I feel it's a bargain-I pay 120./month and that's for both dogs(including yearly wellness) and 2 kittys. Sammy had a small injury to his leg on Friday and the bill was $187.00-our portion was $37.40(20%). They are not widely known and I found out that they are an Ohio company-they also sent check out within a week! Check them out.
I have gopetplan.com
I have the silver plan - it costs $315 per year with a $200 deductible, per incident, per year up to $12,000.
No wellness care - I want it for the G-d forbide stuff.
There is a discussion in DK about it this week. Seems most are very happy with it.
I got my check Monday - I expected $125.00. Guess you have to read the entire contract. With specialty vets, there is a 30% copay. So instead of the $125.00 my check is $77.60. Better than being poked in the eye with a sharp stick!
will they consider HW as a preexisting condition to other issues that MAY have occurred because of HW?
What's HW and I will check it out...heartworm?...will ask..
yes Heartworm. Did you find out Linda?

Here's a source for comparing plans:


It does not have sheltercare, but looks to have everything else.

FYI, I've decided to stick with PetsBest Basic with Wellness


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