When I saw Tess' picture on our adoptable doodles section my first thought was "who in the world put Harlow's picture on petfinder?!".  What a lovely girl, but then again, I might be a bit baised.


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She's beautiful!

We actually rescued this poor girl from a kill shelter in Texas over 6 months ago and adopted her to a local family with a young Standard Poodle. Tess was returned to us last week because out of the blue she started snapping at the Poodle.

Tracy Farmer noticed Tess was limping when she arrived back at her house so Tracy took Tess to the orthopedic vet for an x-ray. Turns out that Tess has a hairline fracture on one of her legs and the injury is more than likely from rough play with the Standard Poodle.....

So the poor girl was simply in pain and was trying to tell the other dog to leave her alone......



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