Does everyone remember Dixie? She was rescued from a horrific neglect situation in Alabama in 2010.

Well, her wonderful family posted their yearly "Dixie Update this morning with new pictures! take a look at our Dixie now!


My heart is sad tonight after seeing the pictures of a sweet 1 yr old black fleecy labradoodle I've been arranging to bring into our adoption program. She came from a "rescuer" in rural Alabama who has had Dixie for the past 5 months, the past 5 months Dixie has gone from a happy sweet doodle pup to a sad suffering doodle banned to living outdoors because the "rescuers" couldn't be bothered to teach her potty manners. These "rescuers" didn't get this girl vaccinated or heartworm treated and watched as she slowly scratched her painful skin and watched her beautiful fleecy locks fall out.

Our foster Kristen Fuhrman (who herself is a well respected doodle breeder) went to the home and found Dixie locked in a large 40x40' pen with 5 other dogs. Her skin is covered with sores and her hair is lost in large sheets. This sweet girl came readily to Kristen despite the pain I'm sure she feels as she moves. We sent her immediately to the vet hospital where our suspicions were confirmed, this sweet doodle girl is covered with Sarcoptic Mange. She is getting treatment for the next 2 weeks at the vet hospital until she will not be contagious to humans and other dogs.

I'm posting some pictures of her, they are difficult to look at. However we need to see this poor girl as she is today. We can only hope she recovers quickly and her sweet soul hasn't born the pain of the abuse she has suffered at the hands of a woman who has the audacity to call herself a "rescuer".
We have given Dixie a new name (she was Midnight in her prior setting) and we hope she will be a strong southern girl who will rise and overcome the abuse she has suffered at the hands of humans.

Dixie and Kristan

From this view you can't even determine whether this poor animal is a dog.

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It is for poor doodles like these that we started our doodlebank. I'm throwing extra money in this week for Dixie. My husband is probably wondering where all his coffee money is going, but when I show him this he won't mind a bit. Loving thoughts for Dixie and the folks who are helping her. Thank you so much.
Hey - I just wanted to see if there's any update on sweet Miss Dixie.She has been in my thoughts and I hope she is starting to recover!
Miss Dixie is so lucky to have had Doodle Rescue angels find her. Now she actually has a great chance to be loved! Even through her pain you can see that "doodle"sweetness in her eyes. Good Doodle thoughts going her way for a swift recovery before finding her forever home and family!
How is Miss Dixie doing?
Dixie is coming along. She is still staying at the vet for treatment of her Sarcoptic Mange and quarantine. Luckily the vet has the ability to have her in a big run area instead of a crate. Hopefully if her skin scraping on Monday comes out clean she will go to Kristen's home (her DRC Guardian Angel) where she will find out what it's like to live in a warm loving home. Kristen will foster her until she starts to improve and is ready for adoption.
What a great end to a great day! Thanks Liz for the update!
Thank you so much for the update. I have been thinking about Dixie.
Just found this post and am so glad that this poor girl was discovered and truly rescued from the fake rescuer. What a horrible thing to see. Can't wait to see her when she is all happy and healed. Thank goodness for DRC!

Here are some updated pictures of miss Dixie. She came home from the vet today and immediately found a comfy spot to settle in. She had been home for only an hour when I took these pictures of her and you can already see the relief to be home in a loving atmosphere. She seems very happy to not be scratching herself constantly. She is a little timid to be expected but I have already seen her wag her tail and I have been the happy recipient of some loving Dixie kisses!!


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