We adopted our fur baby, Lucky, from Doodle Rescue about 5 years ago. A few weeks ago I found a lump on his side. Results came back as a mast cell tumor. He was operated on last week, but they weren't able to get it all. He's on anti-biotic, Claritin & after the stitches come out, he may go on prednisone. There weren't many cells left, so the Dr. thinks he will be OK. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this & if so what was the outcome. On a scale of 1 - 5, his came back as a 2, which can go either go badly or never come back again. Praying for the latter. Thanks, Roe.

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I'm so sorry to hear this, Rosemary. I hope that Lucky's name is a sign that he will indeed be one of the lucky ones whose cancer never returns. Sending hugs and positive thoughts to you both. 

I am so sorry, Roe.  I hope it doesn't come back.  You might sign up for another website called doodlekisses.com  There is a group on there called health and medical where you might ask about other's experience with this or you can post a discussion on the main page.


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