Many will remember that we adopted Mariner 10 years ago after he had suffered  from a brain injury that left him blind and having seizures.  He was the  reason I created the two groups "Health and Medicine" and the :Seizure  Group" on

He had been doing well for many years and the last few he had more energy and  playfulness then he had had for a long time.  Over the past few weeks he  declined quickly.  He was unable to stand and lost interest in food.   His liver was failing.

He tried to stand but he couldn't, he had lost his quality of life - it was  time.


We have many pleasant memories but now it hurts.

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Andy, I am so very sorry for your loss. Mariner was a very special boy who was deeply loved, and you gave him a wonderful life. I know he will live in your heart forever. Rest in peace, sweet Mariner. 

So sorry to hear. Rest in peace, Mariner


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