We are located in Central Oregon and interested in adopting a doodle. Our doodle would have two feline brothers, miles of hiking trails to explore with us, hopefully, will not shed, will be of medium size, may train as a pet partner (for reading in schools and visiting nursing homes), will car travel with us to visit grandchildren and will be a much loved member of our family. We previously had two dogs for over 10 years, the last we lost in June. 


Please let us know if you have a doodle for us to consider.

Pat Fulton

Bend, OR

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Pat, the first step in being considered as an adopter is to submit an application.



Adoptions are not handled here in the open discussion forum, and we do not contact anyone until we have received an approved application. All personal information is private, and each applicant is considered, interviewed, has references checked, has a home visit when possible, and then a decision is made based on the needs of each dog.
As far as having a doodle for you to consider, our listings are on the main page here. Click "Home" up above in the blue area, and you will see our current dogs available for adoption. We do not have any available dogs in the Pacific NW at this time. However, we also crosspost dogs who are available through other shelters and rescue groups, for whom you can apply through the group that has that dog. These can be found under the heading Doodles In Need, again up above in the blue area. The lsitings are arranged in geographic sections so you can search for available dogs in your area. Again, these are not dogs in our program, and you will have to use the contact information in each lsiting to apply for the dog.
Good luck in your search!

Thanks for the information.



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