I have been trying to figure out the best path in adopting a golden doodle for our family. So far this is seems to be the most legitimate rescue I've found. I'm right outside of Houston, Texas how can I go about finding an adoption in my area or Dallas ?

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Hi Brandon,

The very first step if you are interested in adopting a DRC doodle is to read our adoption policies to be sure that you qualify (we have several adoption restrictions including a minimum age of 10 for children, and 16 if they have not lived with a dog before, you must have owned a dog as an adult and have vet records in your own name, not parents' names, etc) and if you do meet our requirements, submit an application ASAP. The demand for doodles in rescue is far greater than the number available, and we typically receive dozens of applications for each dog in the program. Therefore, we always have approved adopters waiting, and many of our dogs are adopted before they are ever even listed as available. Here is a link to our adoption policies : http://doodlerescue.org/notes/DRC_ADOPTION_POLICIES_AND_PROCEDURES

Hi Brandon, I posted some information on your page.


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