As Maltese Rescue California matures as a rescue group (we began official operations in September 2013 when our 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization designation from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service came through) we are acquiring more supporters and sponsors to help us save our rescue dogs and find homes for them.

Sydnee's a pet grooming salon has adopted Maltese Rescue California and is sponsoring a Mile of Maltese Party at a local restaurant, Slaters 50/50. Sydnee's also provides free grooming for our rescue dogs which really helps my wife who can get overwhelmed with the health care of our dogs as well as the administrative responsibilities of a rescue group. Not requiring her to groom the dogs really helps her workload...

Sydnee's has joined forces with Slater's 50/50, and are sponsoring an event which will contribute 20% of the tab to our rescue group. Sydnee's, which is franchising to more locations, also has a public relations staffer. One result of this staffer's efforts was an appearance of Judy with a few of our dogs, and Kim the owner of the local Sydnee's on our news channel, NBC 7. See this news segment on our Facebook page...

Judy will appear on another news channel, ABC 39, for a news segment tomorrow morning, the day of the Mile of Maltese event.

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Wonderful! I hope the event raises lots of $ to help the rescue dogs. 


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