Please read our adoption policies linked below:

Please take particular note of the following:

A "First-time Dog Owner" is someone who has never owned a dog as an adult and does not have vet records in their own name. Growing up with a dog in the house is not the same thing as being responsible for the total veterinary care, grooming, feeding, training, and exercising of a dog. Most rescue dogs require dog-savvy owners with a verifiable history of having successfully cared for a dog.

We do not permit commercial transport of our dogs to their adoptive homes. Adopters MUST travel to the dog's location and drive the dog to his new home themselves. Friends and relatives cannot do this for you, the dogs will only be released to their new owners. Please take note of the dog's foster location before applying. This is indicated by the state abbreviation in front of each dog's name. 

We do not adopt to homes with children under the age of 10, or to homes with children under the age of 16 who have never lived with a dog. We realize that some children are wonderful with dogs, but we have no way to assess one child over another, and the policies must apply to everyone equally. 

Our priority in choosing an adoptive home is to stack the deck in favor of the dog's never having to go through another re-homing. There are known factors that contribute to the possibility that a dog will be re-homed, and our job is to eliminate as many of those contributing factors as possible. These policies are designed for the protection and benefit of the dogs, which is our only focus and our first priority. 

While there are far too many homeless dogs in shelters, we are fortunate in that the demand for rescue doodles far exceeds the number of dogs that end up in our rescue program and available for adoption. This means that DRC usually receives dozens of applications for each dog in our program, and can afford to be very picky about approving an adoptive home. Due to a large pool of qualified applicants, we are fortunate to have our choice of wonderful homes for our rescue doodles that meet our criteria. There is never a case where a dog is "denied" a good home due to our policies. 

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