Please read our adoption policies.

Please ESPECIALLY note:

We do not adopt to homes with children under the age of 10, and if they have not lived with a dog in the home before, the minimum age is 16

We do not adopt to first time dog owners. You must have owned a dog AS AN ADULT and have vet records in your own name. 

Please also note the following:

It is not true that labradoodles and goldendoodles are hypo-allergenic, allergy-friendly, or non-shedding. The poodle's coat does not automatically cancel out the heavily shedding coats of the retrievers. There are many doodles who do shed and are not allergy friendly. In fact, 70% of all first cross doodles (50/50 retriever-poodle mix) do shed, some quite heavily. This is one reason doodles lose their homes in the first place. The fact that your friend's goldendoodle doesn't affect your allergies doesn't mean that another goldendoodle won't. They are all different, and there is huge variation from one to another, even within the same litter. The genetic makeup of each individual doodle is unique to that particular dog. These are mixes, and they do not breed "true" as purebreds do. 
Also, puppies experience a coat change around a year old, so a puppy who does not shed or affect your allergies very well might do both as an adult. If you have dog allergies, please adopt a purebred that is known to be consistently non-shedding such as a Poodle, Wheaten Terrier, Bouvier, Schnauzer, Bichon, Havanese, etc.,  or a poodle mix in which all breeds involved are non-shedding, i.e. yorkie-poo, westie-poo, schnoodles, bichon-poo, etc.

A goldendoodle does not necessarily have the temperament of a Golden Retriever with the coat and/or intelligence of a Poodle. Genetics don't work that way. It is just as likely that a goldendoodle will have the temperament of a Poodle with the coat and/or intelligence of a Golden Retriever, or any combination thereof. The same is true of labradoodles. These are mixed breeds, and no two are alike, in personality, temperament, or appearance.

No dog is born "good with children". Temperament depends on many factors. Many doodles are given up by their owners because of issues with children. All dogs need training, and all children need supervision and guidance on how to interact with dogs. These are living, feeling, thinking beings, not stuffed toys. No matter how old your children are, how responsible they are, or how much they want a dog, the dog will be your responsibility and will belong to you. Would you want a dog if you didn't have kids? 

Many goldendoodles and labradoodles are extremely high energy, high maintenance dogs. They are a mix of two sporting breeds, and sporting dogs have the highest exercise requirement of any of the breed groups. They are runners, jumpers and leapers. Doodles require a lot of grooming, a lot of exercise, (including off-leash exercise in a secure area), and a lot of training, and all of that adds up to several hours a week. Many of these dogs end up in rescue because their owners did not realize how much time owning a doodle requires. 

It is not true that doodles are healthier than purebred Poodles or Retrievers.

Many of the same genetic diseases run in both Poodles and in Labs or Goldens. Parents do not have to be related or of the same breed to pass on the same genetic illness or condition. Every disease or illness that is found in Poodles or Retrievers is also seen in goldendoodles and labradoodles, at about the same frequency. 

Please do not do your research on breeders' websites. You wouldn't choose a make of car based on the manufacturer's advertising or sales pitch, please don't choose a dog that way, either. If all of the information on the internet about these dogs was true, "Great with kids", "perfect family dog", non-shedding", "low maintenance", etc, there would not be any doodles being rehomed and none of them would be homeless.

Also, if you are looking for a "mini" doodle, you should also consider other breeds and mixes. There are dozens of non-shedding, allergy-friendly small breeds in rescue. Not much of the laid back, "good old boy" personality of the retrievers is left in the mini-doodles, anyway, and they are relatively rare in rescue. 


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Thank you!

Thank you. No surprises here. This is consistent with my expectations and experience.  I appreciate the clarity, however.

Davis Shryer III

Yes, this all true. We have been dog owners for over 30 years and know they are living beings that need attention, guidance and discipline just like children!
Thank you so much for your efforts to educate the public :) and saving doodles from heartache and possibly from getting euthanized :(
Sounds good to me.
Good information, I wish everyone that was interested in adopting a doodle could read this or something like it. Doodles are amazing dogs, full of life and love, tons of work, labor and time intensive, to me worth every second of the vacuuming, grooming, exercising, cuddling, cooking for, catering to lol. It has been one of the great joys of my life to be a mom to our labradoodle. He was bigger than life in many ways, but he got that way because we were supportive and enjoyed his antics, gave him room to grow and think, to get things wrong without recrimination, to share his love for us his way, and made him a focal point of our days along with the other dogs. Dundee never met someone who didn't love him. least that's how he saw it lol. And at the end of the day. ..pretty much everyone did come to. When I think of a doodle that didn't get all of that, that hasn't been raised with love, patience, time spent, understanding. ..I see a dog waiting for the chance to break out all of the good inside, if his needs begin to be met and he's given time to believe and trust, give and receive love.

Well said, Melanie.

Such good info...if more people prepared ahead of time, maybe do many beautiful creatures wouldn't need rescue. So many make uneducated choices, then blame the dog....the innocent sufferer

Amen, Kathleen. 

Great information here!
I love that you explain this information before anyone moves forward.

It saves everyone a lot of time, lol. 


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