I can't seem to get to that page, if there is one. Thank you!

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Joyce, I posted how our rescue works as well as suggestions for finding an adoptable dog on your page.  :-}

I can’t find this page either.
I am interested in adopting. I have not had s dog for about 10 years. I now live in fl. I was living in VA when I had the dog. I don't Have any vet records. What do I do about that. There are many vets near me and I can contact one to use when I adopt.

We need vet records in order to verify how previous or current dogs have been cared for; it's a very important part of our process. 

We do not have a page for adoptable dogs; there are constantly new dogs coming into our program, and as we are all volunteers, there is just not enough time to keep updating when there are things that have a much much higher priority, namely saving dogs. It's best to just submit an application. if you wait to apply until you see a dog who appeals to you, you will likely be too late. We have lots of applications on file from people who are waiting for the right doodle to come along. 

You can also look at the blog section, where fosters often post about new dogs in the program. 

I'm interested in adopting. How can I go about the process?

Hi Cindy, your first step would be to read our adoption policies so that you understand the process and what we require. http://doodlerescueinc.ning.com/notes/DRC_ADOPTION_POLICIES_AND_PRO...

Then submit an adoption application, which can be found right up at the top of this page where it says "Adoption Application." :)


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