I just returned from my vet today and got shocking news. My Bella is heartworm positive!!!

Bella is my rescue dog that I adopted last May. We drove 10 hours from VA to Kentucky Lab Rescue who rescued her and a couple of other labradoodles from a puppy mill.  She had a very sad life. She was in a home at some point, but then was put into a puppy mill to breed. Evidently she had at least 1 or 2 litters before she was rescued. 

She was the most shut down dog ever. She didn't bark, or move away from us, just sat in the cage and stared. Here is a picture of her at the KLR site last May after we took her out of the cage she was hiding in. We spent about 2 hours trying to decide if we should adopt her or a puppy and as you can see, my girls and I decided to rescue her and add her to our family.

I am a single mom to 3 bio boys ( 30, 26 and 20) and adopted my 3 daughters from Ukraine 5 years ago. They were 8, 10, 12. They had been in the orphanage I worked in on my mission trip. I wasn't seeking to adopt, it was a God orchestrated event in my life ( and if you want to read the whole story go to my blog http://dianemarra.typepad.com/ .  We decided that adopting Bella was the right thing to do- if I hadn't adopted my girls where would they be? 

Bella came home with us and Bailey my golden doodle welcomed her with open paws.  She had never been groomed, so it took us about 10 hours to wash her, cut her and clean her up. She never cried while we pulled the mats out, or cut her hair. She just sat there and looked at us with such fear and anxiety.

Here is her picture the day after we groomed her. Isn't she beautiful?

She has come a long way in the past 10 months. A few months ago she made a conscious decision to "trust" and is now a playful loving little girl.  She is about 2 years old.

Here is Bailey and Bella together wearing their DRC scarves with my daughter Natalya. They love each other so much and are a wonderful foster brother and sister duo~!

When I got her last year, she tested negative for heartworm and was placed on Heartguard meds. She has been on them for the past 11 months.  What I didnt' know and wasn't told - to get her retested in 6 months from the first test, as it takes 6 months for the infection to show up on the test. So, even though she has been on meds for the past 11 months, and she now tests positive.

The estimate for treatment was $1425!  So , I am checking around to other vets to get a better estimate. We will have to make some sacrifices to find the money to treat her. We can't imagine letting her go, she is part of our family.  She has no symptoms, she looks perfectly healthy and the smile in her eyes is precious to us.


My telling this story is for 2 reasons.

1.  Please pray that Bella recovers from this, such a sad life she has had!

2.  Please make sure that your rescue dog is retested at 6 months from the first HW test, so that you can treat the dog quickly before there is damage done to their heart.


I love this doodle community, so I know that you will pray for Bella and for us.

Thanks for listening!

Bella the sweetheart~

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This is so sad-she looks wonderful now. So glad you took her home and I pray that she gets better and soon. Hugs and kisses to Bella.
She's fine. If you read a few posts up, you'll see that Diane posted an update, Bella is NOT HW positive.


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