As you may have read, Harvey was one of the "3 Amigos". The amazing DRC doodle train rescued three sweet doodle boys and dispersed them to foster homes. I was not able to choose when Nina and I were standing in the parking lot of our meeting point (I mean, how could I pick between the two, not that I wasn't given the option!), but somehow we each ended up with the "right" foster!


Technically, yesterday was Harvey's second day with me, but I've decided not to count the first day. He was soooooo scared that he had no opportunity to let the slightest glimmer of himself come out.


So....Thursday morning I went downstairs to let Harvey out of the crate and take him outside. As soon as I walked through the kitchen door, he picked up his head and wagged his tail. It didn't last long, but it happened so I knew it could happen again. A happy dog is in him, just buried down a bit. As much as Harvey hadn't wanted to get into the crate the night before, that was exactly how much he didn't want to leave the crate in the morning. Fortunately, I was able to clip his leash on him and gently tug him out. I noticed that he was trailing drops of urine as we walked to the door...and that he peed about 478 times on our walk.

Ah walking...surprisingly, Harvey walks BEAUTIFULLY on a leash. His leg muscles aren't what they should be, so he stumbles every now and then, but time and excerise will improve him.


Harvey spent much of Thursday getting thoroughly vetted, where they found him to have a raging UTI, an icky yeasty ear infection, and be 10lbs underweight. Within ONE dose of the ear meds he seemed a little happier. The UTI will obviously take a little longer, so we went on a crazy number of walks - like every 15-20 minutes (this started after he lifted his leg on the open front of a bookcase - fortunately he missed the books and just got a few easily cleaned picture frames. My nephew was very amused that Harvey had "peed on him", in the way only an 8 year old boy could be!)


That was the worst of it. Here are the AMAZING parts from day 1:

Harvey discovered the joys of "cream cheese treats" (which is how pills get delivered to dogs in my house).

Once I mixed in some shredded cheese, he ate about a 1/3 of his food. (baby steps)

He loves treats.

He started responding to my voice by looking up and coming over.

He came over and solicited pets and rubs - and rewarded me with a few tentative kisses on my hand.

He loves Callie and wants to be near her (he also tried to lick her pee - not sure what that's all about)

He started walking outside with his head held up and tail up.

He let my neighbor pet him.

He displayed some interest in the toys I put out - especially the tennis ball.

He gave me eye contact. Lots of it.


This is the part that KILLS me and one of the things that keeps me fostering. The smallest amounts effort make all the difference for these dogs. I know I write about fostering and my fosters a lot (I like to write, especially about doodles) and it's not so I can hear accolades (and I'm always scared that y'all think that), but because each time I feel lucky and so INCREDULOUS that these dogs respond so amazingly to ordinary every day care, because whatever monsters owned them before didn't provide them with these simple a safe water (even if so far Harvey will only take his from the toilet)...gentle pats and rubs...consistency of schedule and behavior so they can feel confident.



Hopefully I'll have pictures of Harvey soon...right now he's not a big fan of the flash (and I cut a bunch of mats out of his face, neck, and tail and he looks a little funny!)


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" I know I write about fostering and my fosters a lot (I like to write, especially about doodles) and it's not so I can hear accolades (and I'm always scared that y'all think that"

You see how crazy rescue people are? This is proof. NO, we do not think you are looking for accolades! I have had the privilege of placing four doodles this week, and every adopter (along with some who sadly did not get a dog) has told me that our foster blogs are what sets us apart from other rescues, and how valuable they are in helping these families get to "know" our dogs. Please, please, keep writing about fostering. It also inspires others to take the plunge.

But I can't help it: Here's the accolade you are not looking for:
Angels walk among us, Frannie, and you are surely one of them.
Thank you Karen - it actually made me feel a lot better about the writing to know that potential adoptors might be reading the blogs and discussions! Makes me EXTRA glad that I left out the part about Bixby Foster Doodle (now Teddy of his adoring family) peed in my bed the first night! (he had just been neutered, so it really wasn't his fault)
It also makes it so much easier for me and everyone else who is communicating with applicants. Instead of writing dozens of emails or spending hours on the phone, I can send them a link to the blog or discussion and the info is all there, straight from the person who knows the dog best. These blogs have been a lifesaver for me this week.
It's amazing what a little love and positive attention can do. Way to go! I can't wait to read more about his progress. Keep the blogs coming.
Fantastic story! Can't wait to read more! And yes Karen is right you are angel. It takes a very special person to take in a dog, nurture him, get him healthy, love him and then give him to someone else to care for. This whole rescue business is just simply Joyful!!!
It's amazing what some lovin' can do. Poor guy...I know he is in your capable hands and will keep getting better and will make a family so incredibly happy. Thanks for the updates Frannie!

We all look forward to your posts and the posts of other foster parents. Somehow it helps us feel the experience of fostering. It takes remarkable people to foster. I believe that all f the foster parents have big hearts. I know you will care for your foster, rehabilitate and fall in love. You also know that you are the first step to a better life for these beautiful animals. And yes you are able t bring their true beauty out.

You do make this world a better place.
Frannie means 'Free One' - perfect!!!
Frannie, I think the combination of you and Callie is magical. You are saving these precious dogs one by one, and you're BOTH my heroes! Can't wait to see pictures!
Can't wait to read more Frannie and see Harvey all cleaned up! You are amazing!
These rescued dogs that are almost overwhelmed by what we consider the very basic in care.. it brings tears to my eyes every time I read a post like this one.

I can't wait to see the updates as their new journey has begun... a journey that brings unconditional love and security to each of them, with a wonderful family waiting anxiously to make them a part of their family...
I love the blogs about our (DRC) rescued doodles. I am in awe of those of you that are able to spend so much time helping these guys get ready for adoption. If you didn't do these first steps (loving, accepting, socializing, medicating, teaching) many of their forever families would not find them or realize what they could become with more love and training.


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