(FROM A CRAIG'S LIST AD- March 2009)
posted — 03-23-2009
Labrador Retriever
Young, Female

"Sierra is a beautiful, sweet LABRADOODLE. Born November 6, 2007 she has been spayed and is current on all of her vaccinations. Sierra does shed and is not hypoallergenic. She has been through basic dog training and is fully housebroken. She is socialized with other dogs and enjoys their company. She would be a great addition to a family with another dog or as an only dog with and active family that has a lot of time for her. She loves kids and but has a tendency to chase the kitties. We are very sad to have to rehome this dog. Labradoodles are breed to be hypoallergenic and not shed but it doesn't always work out that way. Usually at about a year there is a coat change. We were hoping for the best but her coat didn't change. With my kids having problems with allergies and asthma, we have no choice at this point. She's super sweet and super smart! Sierra deserves a great home where she can have lots of love and lots of attention and walks. If you have the room in your life for a wonderful dog like her, let's talk!"

Here we see again the tragedy caused by all the false information, hype, dishonest breeders & brokers, and ignorant, uninformed people who run out to get a dog without doing their homework. Would you like to be the one who takes this little girl's doodle away from her? Would you like to have to do that to your child? How about this sweet doodle, who so obviously loves her home & family? How do you think she is going to feel when some stranger takes her away from them? She will be heartbroken, confused, frightened, and desperately wondering what she did wrong.
These people say they have no choice; but they did have a choice. They had the option to educate themselves before they took a chance on breaking the hearts of both their children and this "wonderful dog". Instead, they were stupid and believed somebody's lies that "Labradoodles are breed to be hypoallergenic and not shed but it doesn't always work out that way. Usually at about a year there is a coat change." These are the words of a dishonest breeder or broker. Here you see the proof that they are LIES. LABRADOODLES DO SHED! Please don't be stupid, too.

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Unbelievable-we need to do a better job at education!
We try to let anyone who admires my two know that while one does not shed, he takes hours of brushing/combing every week. And the other, who is a breeze to brush, sheds. HIGH maintenance dogs.
We always say "you are either going to sweep it up off the floor or spendlots of time brushing it out. One way or the other it must come out!" We have one of each.


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