Hi DRC, i'm a newbie member and wasn't sure where to post this. Found this guy on facebook and looks like his parents are trying to get him adopted by sharing his info on Facebook. Can we help? 


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The dog was posted by his breeder, on behalf of the owners, and it looks like he is spoken for. At any rate, the breeder is reputable and the dog is in no danger. Some breeders do choose to work with rescue when one of their dogs needs to be rehomed, others prefer to handle it themselves. This breeder is one of the latter; she is well aware that DRC exists and is always happy to help with rehoming. 

Good to know! I'm new to this so i figured it was worth reaching out to the group :)

The link no longer works so I assume the dog has definitely been adopted.

The link worked for me just now. 

Me too.  Must have been my browser.  I couldn't access Yahoo mail last night!


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