We recently took in this adorable bundle of fur from a shelter in Kentucky.  His paperwork says he's a labradoodle but there's no way to tell at this point.  He's definitely poodle. Long, long legs, curly hair and lean poodle body.  But is he a lab? Either way, we love him! 

No one is sure if he is a doodle or not. What do you think?

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Those doods are adorable, and I'm in line behind Karen, to kiss those noses!!
The noses are my favorite part!

Lauren - you can ask anyone on this forum...I'm mildly obssessed with doodle noses! Here's a picture of Callie's...

Oh, how sweet!
Thanks for all the input and comments. Niko is a very special boy regardless of his doodle status.
If he smiles at you, and does a doodle dance/prance when you walk through the door, you've probably got yourself a doodle!
And that he does!


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