Chloe is a beautiful 5 year old Australian Labradoodle girl surrendered to DRC by the only family she had ever known.

According to her foster momma, she is " the sweetest most gentle, loving and patient angel. She is a an old soul whose eyes tell a story every time you look into them." 

Originally purchased as a pup from a reputable breeder, Chloe was surrendered to DRC due to what we were told, was "relocation, downsizing and financial hardship." Although some of Chloe's health issues were partially disclosed to us prior to surrender,  the family and their vet described the issues as "mild and manageable." The family also feigned poverty stating  they had recently moved, had child number 4 and did not have the financial means nor the time to continue caring for Chloe. 

We came to realize that  Chloe's back story was actually much more heartbreaking and tragic than we were led to believe. Shortly after her arrival in foster care, we discovered that due to a combination of genetics, and (there's no other way to say it except to call it what it is), NEGLECT, our latest DRC angel has endured senseless pain and suffering for a very long time.

Veterinary specialists have confirmed that Chloe does in fact have severe, degenerative hip dysplasia that not only restricts her ability to walk and move, it is excruciatingly painful, debilitating and literally effects this poor angels quality of life.

X-rays and further testing revealed to our vet specialists that Chloe's hip sockets and the surrounding cartilage are non-existent and at this point bone is grinding against bone and probably has been for more than half of her young lifeTo put it bluntly, Chloe's "mild and manageable" hip issue and her other health issues were grossly understated by her former family and their vet and there is no way they could not have known that Chloe was in desperate need of corrective surgery.  

When she arrived in foster care Chloe was an indescribable mess. Not only could she barely move, her poor little body was covered in an angry rash and sores, her skin red, raw and ravaged from incessant scratching. We learned later, this was due to severe allergies and a systemic, fungal yeast infection that had been left untreated for years. The inside of her ears were bright red, inflamed, angry and infected and poor Chloe was shaking her head in discomfort whining every time she attempted to scratch them the pain was so great.  

The hair on all four of her badly infected paws had turned dark brown from licking and gnawing and poor Chloe literally looked as though she had been walking in 5 inches of mud.


Initial costs just to make Chloe comfortable upon arrival, exceeded what we typically spend vetting and rehabbing severely neglected dogs rescued from puppy mills and kill shelters. 

It has been very difficult for us to reconcile how an owner surrendered dog that was supposed to have come from a loving, responsible home, could be so neglected and in such a state ....

We question the validity of the family's sob story and alleged financial woes. Especially now that we know they paid thousands of dollars for Chloe as a pup, recently purchased a pricy new home in an upscale area, bought a new Pomeranian puppy for their kids just 3 short months prior to trying to re-home poor Chloe via a "free to good home" ad on Craigslist. 

We question the ability and the integrity of their vet.

And yet in spite of it all, Chloe is so wonderful and so special she literally is is a once in a lifetime kind of dog.  Even our vets are amazed that Chloe is as sweet, gentle, loving as she happens to be considering the severity of her current condition, the amount of pain she experiences and all she has endured. Even in excruciating pain, her tail is always wagging and she is always smiling.  All Chloe wants to do is love everyone, snuggle up close with her people, give kisses and please in any way she possibly can.

Yes, she really is that special. 

She would LOVE to be able to play. Unfortunately, pain prevents her from being able to enjoy even the simple pleasures like a romp in the yard with her foster sisters. For the time being, Chloe longingly watches from the sidelines, content to be close to her doting foster momma who loves her so very much already.


The great news is there IS going to be a happy ending for Ms. Chloe.

Our  vets are confident that Chloe will regain full and complete use of both of her hips and be completely pain free for the rest of her life with double Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy surgery or "FHO." 

But DRC needs your help to make this possible.

Please help DRC give Chloe her "happy ending" by making a donation to Chloe's Fund:

To the world you may be one person, but to a homeless doodle, you are the world.

We thank you and Chloe thanks you for your kindness, support, friendship and all that you do for DRC and doodles in need!

Thank you! - See more at:

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This story just breaks my heart. "Oh, the old toy is broken? Well, no sense in spending money trying to fix it, that's too much trouble; Mommy and Daddy will just throw it out and get you a new one."

Thank goodness she will finally get the care she needs and the love she deserves. 

What a sad story about Chloe and the people who let her down. I will pray for a happy ending for her and I am happy to help. Is there a link to donate for Chloe?

Laurie, you can donate here:

Link to donation fund added to discussion. :)

thank you!! 

Donated to help Chloe - done!

This story is absolutely heartbreaking, Has the DRC reached out to the breeder? Most reputable ALD breeders will reimburse some or all of the purchase price if the dog is diagnosed with HD. I would hope they would give this money to the DRC to help with the treatment cost for Chloe--especially with all she's gone through. 

Yes, Elizabeth, DRC has reached out to the breeder.  No help from the breeder yet. 

Yes Elizabeth....We did reach out to the breeder. She knows all of the gruesome details and did offer to take Chloe back. The breeder is over 3000 miles away and it didn't make any sense to put Chloe through all of that when DRC is right here.

Absolutely, I think Chole has been through enough! I'm very glad that the DRC is able to help--thank you! I was just wondering if the breeder was planning to help monetarily with the costs of her treatment. I believe that my ALD breeder's health warranty states that if Oliver develops hip dysplasia she will either refund 1/2 the purchase price, provide me with a new dog, or take Oliver back (my choice). If she has that type of contract, I would hope that the she would allow the DRC to assume the contact on Chloe's behalf. 

Thank you to all for helping Chole! Please let us know how her surgery goes. 



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