Is or are there Doodle rescues specific to California or is this the primary resource for locating one in California?

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This is it. DRC is nationwide.

Not much in CA just now but unfortunately they come in at a steady rate. Best bet is to complete an adoption application:

and for the "Doodle applying for:" just put "any in CA (or NorCal/SoCal)" depending on how far you are willing to drive.

Note that there cannot be any children living in the home under age 10 and you must have a fenced yard (and no, invisible fences aren't really fences.)


Thanks Colin, already put in an application but I think I referenced a specific dog that showed as available, but was getting adopted at the very time I was putting in my app. Also registered on the site. Not sure if there is a way to edit the application, have no idea where it ends up and who looks at it. I sort of get the idea that I have to watch the site here daily and then email direct to whoever posts? Any clarification is most helpful.



Jim, keep checking our site and when you see a dog that looks like it might be a fit for you, you can e-mail: and let them know that you already submitted an application and that you are interested in a specific dog you see in the DRC program Good luck.  You can also be proactive yourself and check shelters on line that are within your driving distance (remember to look for poodlemix, terriermix, as well as labradoodle, goldendoodle etc.. Play around with Google  putting in things like  animal shelters in Riverside county  or San Bernardino County, or Orange County, or Los Angeles County  Or   Pet Harbor. this is what I got for Riverside/San Bernardino:     There is also  Mary Roberts Pet Adoption Center in Riverside.

Thanks Nancy, I think I have most of the sites you mentioned tagged already, will just keep watching. Thanks for the instruction on how to best use this site as well...most helpful.


On Petfinder searches, use "Standard Poodle" for the breed. 



I have seen several in shelters lately on petfinder by typing in the search standard poodle. There might be one in San Bernardino now.

Thanks, very helpful.



This is the best doodle rescue site anywhere.

Many of us keep looking at the shelter lists to see if there is any doodle-type dog in the shelters.  We also receive owner surrenders.  This can be when the owner cannot care for the dog anymore due to health or life altering changes as well as owners who realize that they are not suited to dog ownership.

The great advantage of adopting a dog through an organization like Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. is that the dog will have been given the health care needed and the dog will be living in a foster home.

The foster parent can assess the dog's personality. DRCinc. is very honest when it comes to what we tell adopters about the dogs.  We want every adoption to be a FUREVER home....


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