I did this poster to display at the rescue events to which we take our Maltese.  We plan on handing out DRCinc. business cards to the folks who "Ask us about doodles"....

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Great poster! 

Wonderful, Richard.  Your photograph portrait really highlights the beauty of doodles.  Great poster!

Unfortunately, we didn't seem to generate any interest with this poster.  However, there was generally less interest in rescues in general at this event.  Fewer people stopped by our space and we only adopted two dogs.  Last year, we generated five adoptions from the event,

Note: we don't adopt directly from the event.  People interested in the dog fill out an application and we check references and do a home visit before the dog actually goes to them.

One reason for our scarcity of adoptions was that we were right next to a rescue group who have rescue dogs from Mexico. This is a very good organization but, they tend to let their dogs go without as much checking as we do and their adoption fee is considerably less expensive than is ours.

Escondido, especially the downtown area, is no particularly affluent.  We like to do our events in more affluent areas in which the adoption fee is not such a major concern.  Our rationale behind the adoption fee (besides helping to pay for our rescue's vet expenses) is that if someone cannot afford to spend three hundred dollars for an adoption fee; they might not have the ability to pay for vet care... 


We didn't get an application for my mom's little guy until a high rent zip code was used on Petfinder!


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